Mission Statement

Caring and Creative Childcare, Inc. is a group family day care facility which provides day care services for all children. Children who experience quality early education and child care in Caring and Creative Childcare, Inc. in the city of Lindenhurst receive long term benefits. They have better math, language and social skills as they enter school, and, as they grow older in the county of Suffolk, state of New York, they will require less special education and will progress further in school. This day care is located in the Lindenhurst in the county of Suffolk, in the state of NY. Several research studies have found that high quality child/day care centers have common characteristics, specially near Lindenhurst.


Mission Statement

The Babylon Citizens Council on the Arts (BACCA) is a not-for-profit cultural resource center for the arts serving the needs of residents, artists and art organizations in the township of Babylon.

Incorporated in 1974, BACCA is designed to sponsor and develop artistic, cultural,

and educational programs or services. The Board of Trustees has set goals

to promote and encourage artists in their endeavors through consulting,

promotion, technical assistance, and other resources.

Our objective is to present quality cultural programs and opportunities for local artists to promote their craft.