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If you are participating in one of our events and you are a food truck, restaurant or businesses serving food and alcohol please use the links below to access the correct permits.  

Suffolk County Health Department

This permit needs to be submitted to the SCDH at least 14 days before the event.  Click here to download permit.

State Liquor Authority

A One-Day Beer and Wine Permit, also known as a Temporary Beer, Wine and Cider Permit, authorizes the sale of wine, beer or cider at retail for consumption at a gathering for a period of 24 hours.


During the event, no alcoholic beverages sold by the permittee can consumed outside of the area that is licensed. For example, if your permit is for a tent at a fair, anyone who purchased alcohol from you must consume the alcohol in the tent and can't take remove the alcohol from the tent. 

With the exception of certain Not-for-Profits, the ABC Law limits the number of One-Day Beer and Wine Permits that can be issued for a location to four permits during a 12-month period. 

Licensees and members of the general public can apply for a One-Day Beer and Wine Permit.

Click here to view beer / wine permits.

Village of Lindenhurst Food Truck Permit

An individual food service establishment operating from a booth, stand, vehicle, or cart, in a fixed public or private, indoor or outdoor location, at an event, where foods are stored, prepared or held for service to the public. A temporary food service establishment shall also mean a person who vends, dispenses or distributes pre-packaged or other non-potentially hazardous foods from a container or other equipment approved by the Village Administrator or his designee that is carried upon his or her person at an event.

Click here to get permit

One Day Insurance Form

All vendors looking to participate in any of our vendor events is required to have insurance.  Please fill out this form and mail a check to JoAnn Boettcher / Lindenhurst Chamber of Commerce at 124 W. Main Street, Babylon, NY 11702.  If you have any questions please call JoAnn at (631) 422-9292.

Click here to get permit

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