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Henna Squad




59 Bellmore Street, Floral Park, NY, USA


Since 2012 We started with the simple idea of bringing the best from us to you. specializing in Henna designs on hands and feet and any other body parts.

If you are looking for some cool body art without the permanence of a real tattoo then henna tattoos are exactly what you want to have. We can create intricate designs on the skin - most often on hands and feet that will fade away within 1-2 weeks.Whether you want a henna tattoo just for yourself, or if you want to offer it to your guests at an event, Our henna tattoo artist will work their magic to give a great, unique look !

We make your occasion special, unique and memorable. Your event is not just our job but we will put our heart and soul to make it a special and memorable evening for you and your family. Our team applies henna tattoos to more than 10k clients per year with zero complaints of any kind of skin allergies whatsoever. Thanks to our 100% organic and natural henna products we use all the time

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