The Neguntatogue Project




 Long Island’s Great South bay has been home to oysters, clams, scallops and sea plants for centuries, all of which act as natural filters for our waters while sustaining life on land by adding valuable nutrition to our meals. Today, the future of our waters are in jeopardy. These populations have been decimated in recent decades by a number of human-caused factors, ranging from overfishing, mass fertilization, improper waste disposal and climate change. The Neguntatogue Creek in present day Lindenhurst - where we are headquartered - acted as a lifeline to the indigenous habitants of the land for many years. Today, the creek is a shell of what it once was - contaminated, polluted, and dried up - similar to many waterways on Long Island. The Neguntatogue Project was launched in 2020 to purify our home. By farming thousands of oysters per year that will both clean our waters and provide food to local restaurants and customers, advocating for positive change, and educating locals and visitors about the importance and fragility of the bay, we aim to restore Long Island’s aquatic habitats.